Hello ...

My name is Tracey Henderson and I'm a career management consultant and coach from Sydney, Australia.

I've worked in this area for a while, beginning as an employee retention manager some 15 years ago. Whilst I have juggled a bunch of different corporate functions, I've always return to outplacement, career consultancy and coaching. I've helped individuals (and companies) across a range of professions and industries - from entry level to executives, white colour, blue collar as well as students, those between jobs and approaching retirement. 

My career interest is helping people get unstuck - by that, I mean working with them to find purpose in their work lives, and the courage and determination to take the next steps towards a meaningful career. If you're interested, you can read more about me in these professional and informal profiles. 

I like writing about things within the profession that interest me, and a propensity for sharing bits and pieces I hear along the way that have no bearing on careers, but too interesting to keep to myself. Along with spending time with my fabulous husband, gorgeous family and lovely friends - I love being outdoors and am a keen hiker an enthusiastic urban walker. 

Everything I write is my own work - I attempt to be scrupulous in acknowledging and promote other people's work and anything or anyone I endorse is sincere with no financial gain - with one modest except, being commission on book links at Booktopia.

Along with sharing information, the main purpose of this site is to introduce myself to you - and perhaps one day, I can help you as a career coach or consultant. If you have a question about any aspect of your career, or would like to discuss working with me, please send me an email.