After a Visit to the Beach ...

My husband and I just took a break up at Killcare, a beautiful beach side town on the central coast. Because it was a bit of a milestone celebration (our 10th wedding anniversary), we had plans to splash out with a few romantic meals, but once we arrived and took in our surroundings, we very quickly revised our plans; and instead stocked up on supplies so that we could take advantage of our environment.

A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach

Actually few of our plans got a look in. We had expected to take some long drives, hike in the national park, eat out a lot, talk through upcoming goals  and catch up on some professional reading. What we actually did was hang out on the balcony, read newspapers and novels, take a few incredibly lazy walks to and from the beach and do lots of body-surfing. We chatted with some fellow relaxers, had a couple of low key meals in  some great cafes and otherwise, in the words of that great philosopher Darrell Keagan*, just listened to the serenity - at night the only sound we could hear was the surf.

All in all, whilst we were only away for 3-days, it felt like we'd been away for a week - our little break was easy and uncomplicated. We booked through the local Raine & Horne (they have nothing to do with this post, but happy to recommend them for their knowledge and service). I found it a bit cheaper than going through on-line holiday rental sites, and a lot more efficient.

* Main character from the Australian movie 'The Castle'.

** The quote from Pam Shore found on Quote Garden