America voted so I try curiousity

Driving home after a day of watching events unfold on Twitter, I just felt dread. When I walked in the door and found my husband absorbed in election analysis, I found it unbearable and left the room. Now I sit here trying to comprehend what just happened in the United States.

I think it's crazy to dismiss the American voters as irrational, and dismissing the outcome as a reflection with some a generalised American personality trope is in itself a form of ignorance. Something is happening ... 

To calm my mind, I tried curiousity ... what will a Trump presidency look like? How will he behave between now and his swearing in? In the tradition of outgoing presidents, what will be included in the note Obama leaves behind in the oval office for President Trump?

Curiousity initially felt like a silly, distracting process - fear and curiousity don't really travel well together, but in writing that third paragraph, my dread shifted, and my curiousity is genuinely piqued. I may not be optimistic, but I am interested.