Readers Rejoice - Cheap Books with a Conscience

This post is directed to those of you who may describe themselves as ‘a reader’. The Melbourne based Brotherhood of St Laurence provides an excellent retail and online service for book lovers nationally via its Brotherhood Books enterprise.

I mentioned them in Buy Nothing New Month. Whilst I use them semi-regularly, I was particularly thrilled when I received my order for 15 books, at a total cost of less than $100 dollars, including delivery. Brotherhood Books offer a huge choice across all genres, as well a wide selection of non-fiction categories. I maintain a list of recommendations for book shopping expeditions and every single one of the 15 books was on that list.

Not only are the books cheap, Brotherhood Books offer free postage on orders of 3 or more books. To be honest, I feel a bit awkward that they provide free delivery because it must eat into their profits – so hope it’s because they’ve got an excellent benefactor that runs a courier company. BTW, if you order 1-2 books, postage is $6.

Brotherhood Books
Brotherhood Books

Each book is rated from poor to excellent to reflect the quality of its physical condition. I’ve bought a few ‘poor’ books; whilst they’re cheaper than the ‘excellent’ copies, it hasn’t impacted my reading experience. The book quality generally reflects the cover being beaten around a bit (and we never judge a book by its cover).

Brotherhood Books is a social enterprise which assists our community in a few ways:

  • 100% of the profits support Brotherhood of St Lawrence’s work nationally to alleviate poverty and improve the wellbeing of the disadvantaged.
  • Recycling is good. Last year Brotherhood Books received over 45 tonnes of book donations. Personally, even when I don’t particularly like a book, I’ve struggled to throw them away. It is so much less wasteful to access a thriving market for your old books. Unfortunately you can’t make book donations outside of Sydney (I send mine to the Salvos); however I’m very grateful that Victorians are so generous.
  • Cheap books mean more people have access to reading.

It makes good money sense to have a look at Brotherhood Books, but also, it’s just are really worthwhile cause – please check it out as you can help many, many people are impacted by your book buying decision.