Bullet Journal Update No2

Oh dear! It started off so well. 

You may recall my enthusiasm for a new organisation system which I proudly updated here. The Bullet Journal captured my imagination because structured, ergo serious; and it requires using pen and paper, appealing some vintage creativity.

April was a dream, but in May I began to slide, and by June it was just sad! However, through my awareness that I wasn't putting in the small daily effort that would keep it on track, I was wistful for it's simplicity and full of good intentions to get refocused.

I follow a few other bullet journal aficionados on Google+ - to a person, they seem to be incredibly creative and enjoy making they're daily organisational efforts artistic as well as effective. I find these people inspiring and on the other intimidating - I think it's there enthusiasm for expressing their creativity that keeps them on track. I'm one of those people who smudges, and so I don't feel comfortable joining in.

Over the last few days, I reviewed my approach and recognised I'd overcomplicated things by adding way to many optional topics - 'people I've met', 'places I've been', 'movies I've seen', making my daily wrap up far more onerous than what suits me. I'm not naturally organised, but I appreciate the orderliness of chronicling one's life - but unfortunately my ambition in this case exceeded my commitment.

As I set up July, I revisited The Bullet Journal and saw that Ryder, the system's designer, had updated the video and reminded me how simple the process actually is.

So, motivation back on track, concept stripped back to it's basic bones and re-inspired to implement the system in a way that keeps me focused on what I want to be important.

Image sourced from Unsplash. Unsplash make images available for the subscriber to do whatever they want with them ... can you believe that? Awesome!