Days stretch out ... swollen with possibility!

Sometimes, when things aren't so great, we can look at our current situation and feel that it's all too late to make the changes that will make us feel happier about our lives. Luckily this fog of hopelessness generally lifts after a couple of days; but the next time we're feeling a bit sub-par, those same doubts might come to keep us company again, filling us up with the same despair. 

If this happens to you, next time the fog rolls in, I encourage you to dig in deep and try a new response; that is, to acknowledge there is still time to make the changes you need to push those doubts away. I came across a fantastic quote on Jason Hudson's website - and whilst the article, and his blog, are well worth a read, it's when Jason quoted something his friend Julie had said that so strongly resonated with me, not just because of its positivity, but because it is the truth.


At times life can feel a bit hard, a little unfair - but it doesn't take too much perspective to realise those times are modest compared to the magnificent expanse that us lucky, lucky people (who live in a third world country with good health, close relationships and basic security) have laid out in front of us.

And this has everything to do with how we manage our money. It doesn't matter about the mistakes we have made in the past, the sad state of our financial position or the unhelpful habits we repeat time and time again: ignore that little voice that calls out 'helpless, hopeless' - the time is right and you can get on top of it, make the changes you need to be in control of your financial security now.

... and the days will stretch out in front of you swollen with possibility.