Digital Magpie 10 July

I haven't sent out a Digital Magpie for a while, but I've seen and heard lots of the curious, interesting this week ...

So, so beautiful!

A community service for walkers and runners wondering what that extra shoelace hole is for

If you're overburdened with work, don't assume you've got to ask for permission to downscale. Oliver Burkeman asks if shirking is just a smarter way of working

Camouflaged ships (hint: they belong in the MCA)

During times of change, sometimes it just makes sense to step away from the 'do something' syndrome.

Non-chemical addictions 90% of us struggle with (hello number 4, 5 and 6)!

This week's favourite (cutest) cat video

Could watch the kids from the Joyous Quartet +1, forever

Seth breaks my heart, again! Demand more ....

A daughter photoshops herself into her mother's old photos! (sniff!)

Just pretty (focused)! Melbourne mornings

Sit. Feast on your own life!

Why I wear the same thing to work every day! I get this! 

Have a great weekend!