Digital Magpie 10 June

As someone who is also trying to get her head around personal organisation, I found productivity is really about what you don't do inspired!

Did you read my interview with Joshua Morris? Lot's of people did, he sure is one popular, local photographer.

An interesting piece from Book of Life, which has some thoughtful ideas on why we self-sabotage.

Susan Maushart on the lost art of staring into space, and the relationship between boredom and creativity!

For someone who doesn't mind a bit of hyperbole and misappropriation of words, it might be surprising to learn that one of my favourite twitter accounts is @econstyleguide*, which posts good, often witty, tidbits of info on using words correctly. If this is your zone also, you might like this animation on the real meaning of Orwellian.

Beautiful photography of Indonesian volcano, by Reuben Wu and more spectacular prize winning photography from National Geographic 

Speaking of fabulous photography, did you see this video of North Narrabeen's surf following last week's storms?

Still loving my latest MOOC - not too late to join in on Mindfulness for Wellbeing!

I want to work here! And if I do, I'll bring these talentless behaviours!

DOT trumps intelligence because DOT is harder ... but what about those clever brainiacs who enhance their raw intelligence with DOT! And then there's grit! Here's another good read on inner strength.

I'm inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky's 82 commandments for living, particularly the ones based on humility. If Alejandro truly lives them, and if he is a Catholic, one day he will be sainted! - some simple and meaningful self-help

Love my coffee, but this wake-up advice from the ASAP guys has turned me onto cold showers!

Have a great loooong weekend!

* See my resources for more

I was introduced to some of these links by Swiss Miss and Jocelyn K Glei. I recommend you check them out for lots more interesting.