Digital Magpie 10 October

The weather, gardens and life have all been gorgeous this week. Have a fab weekend!

We had an open day at James St Reserve Community Garden and a very sweet and creative and generous Russ Grayson prepared a photographic summary of the day.

Two big events for Chalmers St last Sunday - go the Rabbitohs! and welcome Breadfern

Some common sense on stuff-ups we all make when interpreting research.

Not a big fan of the Surry Hills franchise, but I do love the new Bills at Bondi!

10 Toxic Behaviours that Kill your confidence - number 5's my killer

This shoot's creativity and spirit just blows me away Adventurous Mountaineers Scale the Alps for Incredible Photos.

I've recently started 'life without a screen' for one day a week -   it's excrutiating! This week, a printout of this infographic will support the resistance!

One habit I'm trying to build is a daily yoga habit. This app is keeping me on track (just don't watch me from behind).

Whilst I don't agree with the premise that trust is a skill, I think this article gets the most important quality of great leaders right!

I made two new salads - apple, fennel etc  and zucchini, millet etc - both totally yum