Digital Magpie 11 March

Ever have that feeling that you're not quite grown up? Here's a great article on what separates Peter Pans from adults!

What makes a good life?

A visual representation of lifespan that's got me thinking/doing!

I'm easily distracted by insights into digital addiction - and my willingness to be distracted away from reading books (or having a rich life)! Why can't we read anymore?

No one wants to put on a ‘‘work face’’ when they get to the office. No one wants to leave part of their personality and inner life at home. A long read, or if you prefer, a short read, on one piece of research of what makes great teams*. 

Just when you think you're getting a handle on dementia, here's a good story that might challenge your assumptions.

Just because the art is beautiful!

How Alex breaks through resistance to gets things done!

Love Clarissa Anna's instagram. You'll need to view her collection, not just individual photos, to see why.

What's your need for closure? An interesting quiz, and take, on how well you deal with uncertainty.

In case you missed it, a happy interview with the excellent Karalyn Brown.

What really gives you cancer? 

International Women's Day came and went - I wrote about an inspired experience, but was also interested in Jen Dalitz's take on the dumbing down of IWD.

Vale Jon English - what's going on with 2016 - sad passing of so many great ones!

* Small disclaimer, just because something's branded 'google' don't think it automatically makes it 'fact' - but it's an interesting read.