Digital Magpie 11 November

Still absorbing the shock of the US election result, I think I'll spend the next few days avoiding the news, but look for rich stories about humans, and human nature. This is my favourite:

Irreverant, sweary and hilarious - the reason truck commercials don't have more women in them

Special note to Australians - we're a bunch of pikers, and proud of it!

Once again I'm a student, and while I'm thriving in this learning environment, I'm constantly being challenged when new information butts heads with what I think I already know. Knowledge is a priceless gift. But the illusion of knowledge can be more dangerous than ignorance. Pico Iyer's short TED talk really speaks to me right now.

Over the last six-months, I've worked on taming my inner self-righteousness (as an abstaining discipline rather than a practice) - and reading can moaning ever make you happy was validating.

Love this advice from Huffington Post: 7 ways people with a purpose live differently - aspirational

Celebratory maths teacher - love it! But what I love more is hearing his class engage during his lesson of exponential numbers

Jocelyn K Glei writes about an interesting Harvard Study - what drives learning: practice or reflection?

Admitedly, this isn't for everyone - but a little delighted to learn how to season my favourite cast-iron pan (something I've been avoiding for 30 years)

and finally, for my ENFP friends - 25 struggles only we can understand