Digital Magpie - 19 August

 Inntel Hotel Zaandam

Inntel Hotel Zaandam

Want to learn the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Maria Popova's done a nice animation to explain (found on Swiss Miss)

A Lesson in Friendship, it's a two-way street in openness and vulnerability.

Alex Blumberg is building a start up from scratch and documenting his progress on regular podcasts - here's his first show (a BIG lesson in confidence) How Not to Pitch to a Billionaire (initially heard on This American Life

Two weeks ago I was in Wales, walking the Glyndwr's Way - two weeks on, my understanding of what it meant to me is still evolves.

I saw Boyhood on the weekend - whilst I had mixed feelings, even though my husband left just 15 minutes it, I think it's a movie for men.

A couple of weeks I was on Gardening Australia

It's not too late - the free, online Immunity to Change program has just started - if you want to make changes in your life, just get onto it. I wrote about it here.

Some tough, but wise, love Ideas are B*Shit, Finishing is Sexy

Do you have the attributes of affluence? - I think this article has wider lessons than it's title

Bad manners totally trigger me (I know, I know - I'm not perfect) ... anyhow,  the stubborn power of politeness

Image by T Henderson (that's me) - Photo of Intel Hotel in Zaandam (I was there recently). Cute building!