Digital magpie 13 November

Australian sculptor Erwin Fabian recently turned 100. This podcast on Radio National introduced me to the artist who is still vibrant and producing new work. The only thing which seems to be holding him is doctor's advice that he can't use a welder (because it interferes with his pacemaker).

A gorgeous photographic series of Russia's metro stations. I say we need more chandeliars in public spaces.

As always, loved doing this interview with Jessica Simpson, and also wrote this piece on the demands of mastery.

Don't ever confuse ... your life and your work ... The second is only a part of the first. A wonderful read from Anna Quindlen via Brainpickings.

Habit list is my latest tool for staying focused on getting things done. BTW, my enthusiasm for the Bullet Journal remains undiminished, I just need some add-ons.

In Pod we Trust fills a hole in the now overwhelming podcasting oeuvre. This UK Guardian program reviews and recommends programs.

Yaaay to grit and persistence, but power also to knowing when to give up.

As always, Happi Habits thinks deep.

Finally, get out the hankies ... there's still lots of goodness in our beautiful world.

Have a great weekend!