Digital Magpie - 15 August

I can't pretend! What's been most interesting about my week has been finalising plans for my trip to Europe next week - but doubt you'd be as interested as my hunt for the perfect travel pants and light-weight stoves. So here's my next layer of interesting:

 Winter in Queens Park

Winter in Queens Park

Awesome project, the {  } and where couples ask each other intimate/tough questions - with some challenging reflections for the viewer!

So, what the heck is toothpaste anyway? via Swissmiss

'Everyone would likely agree with Aristotle that “we work to have leisure, on which happiness depends.” '

Stunning photographs of stunning lighthouses in stunning oceans.

Lots of attractive people in cars singing songs from 'Frozen' but my favourite clip is the Navy Baseball players, 'jinx ... jinx again'. 

Are you sure it's 'them' that are being the jerk? Thinking yourself important is a pleasantly self-gratifying excuse for disregarding the interests and desires of others. (via 99U)

Eric Barker does amazing research, dissecting and analysing very relatable issues that face most of us. I love his piece on overcoming regret and siezing the day, in particular coming to understand why I regret the things I didn't do, more than the things I did.

And, talking about seizing the day - many beautiful eulogies have been written about the wonderful Robin Williams - but I haven't seen a more appropriate way of remembering him than the moving closing scene from 'Dead Poets Society'.

If you don't mind lots (and lots) of rude words, there are worse ways to spend an hour than listening to fab Australian commedian Wil Anderson and his guest Charlie shooting the breeze. I subscribe to TOFOP's almost weekly podcast via Downcast (which I think is heaps better than iTunes).

Back to my upcoming trip (hello Europe), I've been all over the fabulous Atlas Obscura to get informed on the interesting unusual on my destinations (more to follow). In the meantime, here's some stories for Sydney-siders looking for different.

Image by Tracey Henderson