Digital Magpie 15 January

 'Bronte' Maureen Ryan

'Bronte' Maureen Ryan

I love January! Lots to see at the Sydney festival, work colleagues are relaxed, the year's promise is still promising and it's happy times at the beach!

But ... if your NY resolutions already feel like a chore, the great myth about getting in shape (and every other goal) will make sense.

I like Oliver Burkeman, not just because he's a terrific, thoughtful writer, but because he's up for options and ambiguity. See Is our destiny in our own hands?

But when the truth needs to be told I like Radical Candour, if it's framed with some sensitivity.

How well do you know your country? Aaahm, could do better!

What's your best ... gift ... ever

I loved reading and re-reading Oliver Sacks' Gratitude.

Brene Brown gets us to do some deep thinking in The Anatomy of Trust.

And finally, sweet and more sweet!

Have a great weekend!