Digital Magpie 22 April

I like that people develop little habits to remind themselves how great their life is. It would be lovely if we had the consistent power to be in the moment and know things are good - but clearly, we don't. Anyway, a great little blog I got introduced to last week, reasons to be cheerful

In earlier ages, apart from the philosophers, there doesn't seem to be an existential focus on happiness. Instead they developed legacies - here's some timeless advice from PT Barnum, written in 1880, Golden Rules for Making Money (found on Kottke)

Segueing from money to vocation, I really enjoy reading the how did she get there site; inspires me to keep up this series

More love for this inspired and creative sharing of books

This will resonate if you're occasionally guilty of an unconvincing 'yes', rather than a committed 'no'

Applicant and interview truth and more truths (just discovered The Skimm and love it!)


Hmmm, not sure if men reading quotes from women - sad or angry making?

Lisa Lahey is one of my academic heroes - in this interview, she explains some of the reasons why we're often unable to complete our life aspirations.

100 Famous artists in their studios - curious how tidy they all are (except for Francis Bacon)

I think Sally K nails it with her article on the future of careers, summed up in 'careers marked by transitions, pivots and reinventions are more likely to become the norm going forward'.

Prince died this morning, and hours on from hearing the sad, sad news, I still feel a bit numb! Over the coming days, people will talk about his genius, his originality, his talent - of course he's all of those, but more for me, his music has been prolific and pervasive and I am full purple and raspberry and red atoms. Prince was young enough to outlive me; I wish he outlived me - I would love to see what he would have produced if he'd reached 70 and 80. Sad day!

The image in this post isn't brilliant, but it's a happy memory from 2012, taken at my favourite concert ever!