Digital Magpie 29 April

Some weekend reading, listening and viewing. 

This marriage market video about Chinese women over 25, single and on the shelf is sad and then happy

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this prayer for courage by John O'Donahue

A lot of people are talking about this - I've got frequent flying family and friends who can pick up 'stuff' for me overseas, but here's another way.

Finally, it's not just about innovators - let's acknowledge the value of the maintainers and completers in this world.

Charlie Munger, VP of Berkshire Hathaway, may not be as well known as 'partner' Warren Buffet, but much of his publich advice is profound - here's his thoughts on how to live a life that really works

Some grit is good! Too much grit, not so much!

'Confidence is what turns thoughts into actions'! So where does confidence come from

Kapow! This is how you deal with stupid mauly men in lifts!

Oliver Burkeman asks, do you need to be troubled to be an artist?

51 most commonly misused words and phrases

Just caught up on this, but Marc Maron's interview with Barack Obama is inspired and inspiring!

Marc and Angel on insanely popular ways to waste a life

A new perspective on happiness which makes a lot of sense!


and, this week I started a brand new resources page, which captures links to the podcasts, blog and social media feeds that I love.


I was introduced to some of these links by Swiss MissSampler and Nubby Twiglet. I recommend you check them out for lots more interestingness!