Digital Magpie 29 January

'10th Anniversary' by me

Some of the interesting I found this week.

Capture a video of your year, 1 second everyday? At the end of the year, you have a 3-6 minute video capturing little pieces of your year. I think it's such a cool concept, and once I checked out the videos, I jumped right on board. Here's the website ... here's the app ... and here's the podcast interview where I first heard about it.

Lots of fantastic photography coming out of the blizzards in North America. Here's my favourite shot.

I like watching Shawn Achor. His concept is simple, he's a delightful presenter, and his instructions are straight forward. Of course, as with all personal improvement, if implementation was easy, we wouldn't need him ... 

How to sell a house! Which I was pointed to by Miss Moss.

Don’t ever confuse the two, your life and your work. That’s what I have to say. The second is only a part of the first. A short guide to a happy life.

And on that theme of life v work, Elizabeth Farrelly also has something to say.

Marc and Angel provide great advice, but what I especially like about them is that it's never glib. 12 things enormously successful people never do.

My least favourite word to describe any aspect of a corporate career is passion. I get that people are passionate about working with plants, wool, teaching, wood, literacy programs, bees. I don't get it when they're talking about process improvement, strategy and team building. Seems it's not just me!.

Me & Maur at Moonlight by me

I went to Moonlight Cinema on Australia Day. Saw The Dressmaker, again! Loved it, again!. I haven't been there for years, and it's come along since my last visit. What a fabulous venue  to watch a movie. Take your own food, take your own drinky-poos, rent a bean bag and finish up the night with a work through Centennial Park. Perfect!

Some great career insights is available on the Arete Podcasts. It's good because we get to see some wisdom through hindsight, but also the sharing of approach, and lessons learned, by these senior executives is terrific. I expect if also reflects the quality of the questions. Last week, I wrote about how inspired I was by the interview with Nino di Marco.

10 Inspiring Museums on Instagram

I expect Jason Fox might have had a hand in this, and an interesting visual on the evolution of big ideas on motivation.

Have a great week!