Digital Magpie - 3 October

Thank you SWF

I've had an amazing week! Here are some of the things that have made life interesting:

I'm in week two of this MOOC - I love it, it's good for me, I recommend it, it's not too late to start, just do it!

How gorgeous is the Eternity Playhouse building! I volunteered at Val McDermid/ Michael Rowbotham interview (which was also fabulous), but the building took my breath away. Former Baptist Church now it's a blend of old new loveliness - nice work Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects.

How do you feel when someone asks if they can give you feedback (personally, I'd like to answer 'no' because ... there's no such thing as constructive feedback!

Speaking of writers, I scored this fabulous pile of books in the picture because SWF were moving offices. Hurray to me.

Did The Walking Neighbourhood Tour - initially awkward/ hilarious, then gentle journey into childhood. Nice work (approx 8yo) Mailia who introduced us to her favourite playground haunts in Redfern Park.

Have you heard about the overseas retirement option ... it's a thing!

Enjoyed A Little Death - defs not for everyone (if you're thinking of going, please read reviews beforehand because potential triggers) but for me, shocking and funny.

Best time to get some advice about keeping costs down at Christmas is now.

I'm a huge Allpress coffee fan - imo, yummiest coffee to be found in cafe's in Sydney. Today, I had my best, best coffee for 2014 in Bar 191 at Waverley. Actually the cafe is very curious!. It's about the size of a hankerchief, and it's space has been carved out of a hairdressing salon. Sister owns the salon, Brother owns the coffee bar.

I made these last Saturday! They were sooooo awesome and soooooo easy, I made another batch on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!