Digital Magpie 30 Oct

Lots has been going on in my world, but from the pov of this little blog, the recent interview I did with Liz Steel went off! Happy making for Liz and (blush) validating for me.

The more he improved, the harder it got for him to get betterGoing from bad to good is way easier than going from good to great. An interesting observation from Chris Guillebeau, who suggests this principle could be an underlying reason as to why we like to learn new things.
This calculator is fascinating. Prepare to lose time playing with it.

As podcasts finally enter a form of mainstream, enjoyed listening to Ira Glass, host of the inimitable This American Life, interviewed with Longform. Hearing the master storyteller talk about himself was interesting, but also worthwhile hearing the less experienced interviewer work through his intimidation, especially in the face of Glass' challenges. 

During an upgrade, loss of all my 'non-iTunes downloaded' music from iTunes. Despair ... then relief when I found some software (Senuit), and my old iPod, that allowed me to get most of my music back onto my phone. Especially happy to hear a fave oldie again.

Had a lot of fun reading this month's bookclub book, The Martian. It was a fun, quick read and made me wish I paid much more attention during classes, because science is cool.

Loved Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. It's funny and moving.

Meditating at work might, as the bank's flyer promises, make you happier. But you know what else might make us happier at work? Why workplace resilience is a furphy.

And another moving story, when Diane Weipert watches the lives of a vibrant young couple unfold from her living room window. It's short, but compelling. Annabel Crabb shared the link during her wonderful podcast with Leigh Sales, Chat 10 Looks 3.

Beautiful! Passers-by step in to protect a vulnerable target from young bullies

Late entry, read this short essay on living on your own. Funny but relatable.

Have a great weekend!

Fantastic image from Greg Rakozy via Unsplash