Digital Magpie 30 September


As much as I love that my early morning walks begin in daylight, still much relief that daylight savings is finally just a couple of days away. For me it marks the beginning of summer! Happy reading for the looooooong weekend.

Catherine Rickwood writes lots of great posts on positive ageing, but particularly like her latest piece where she writes how people are innovating ageing, and, by extension, innovating their lives. Lots to think about.

I interviewed the indomitable Loren Downing last week - who is one fab human being. 

I like the honest practicality of this short video on how to overcome procrastination

As someone who is overwhelmed at times trying to get my photos and digital documents in some sort of order, this article by Oliver Burkeman was a relief and a release. 

Krista Tippett has released a series of snapshot podcasts called 'Becoming Wise'. Each podcast is no longer than 8 minutes, and as I'm working my way through them, touched by the kind, gentle and profound insights shared by the guests. Really enjoyed hearing Brene Brown and John O'Donohue - episodes 1 and 2 in this link

The thoughtful Naomi Abbott writes about the upside of self-doubt

Yum yum very quick, very easy 

I also had something to say on being appreciative

Kisses before work make you more productive! Yes they do!

Beautiful abandonment

Find conferences and networking a drain? This cheat sheet is full of great advice to navigate them with a bit more purpose (and confidence)

Some interesting insights on managing millennials, with a warning, that it might trigger some baby boomers!

Have a fab weekend!

I found some of these items at Jocelyn K. Glei  and Swiss Miss - please check them out, each has lots of interesting.