Digital Magpie 5 August

Happy reading, watching and listening!

There are so many insights in this article, stick with it till the end - in particular, our regrets get stronger when there's time to make amends. Regret ... is an unpleasant but necessary by product of psychological processes that help us grow and thrive

Loved learning more about organised creative, Misty McPhail

It helps to remember that the goal is not to write a masterpiece!

For me, better than colouring in, lose myself with pattern making flags!

Look what you can do with 60 square metres!

Completely relate to this, the Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through On What We Set Out to Do - for me, it's the starting, not the doing!

I'm a sucker for good advice lists ... and this one on killing a 'toxic' ego is a beauty!

Is that envy or jealousy that you're feeling? This article is focuses on writers, but has broader, accessible application (especially if you're a 'fairness' observer, like me)

Sigh! Night sky photography 

I like the word 'very', but it's a shocker in resumes - so here's a very good guide on alternatives

Science proves positive words have positive effects (and affects), thank you CD

Feminism and the humble paper bag - just so good!

This, boys and girls, is what commitment looks like - power to Justo Gallego 

This is good! 5 Ways to keep your Leadership Tendencies in Check when you're not in Charge

I was introduced to some of these links by Checks and Spots, Read.Look.Think, Nubby TwigletSwiss Miss. I recommend you check them out for lots more interesting.