Digital Magpie 8 January

 Sunrise at my favourite place in Sydney

Sunrise at my favourite place in Sydney

So much interesting out there ... let's begin with some total, powerhouse, fabulousness from awesome diva Aretha Franklin - watch, listen, feeeeeeeel as she blows the house down singing one of the best ... anthems ... ever! And I wanna hear no more about how of age limits talent!

Science tells us there are 36 questions that make strangers fall in love. Don't know about the science, but I find the experimenting couple pretty darn cute!

A lovely project, watching people react to being called beautiful.

Best thing I saw on the internet last year and some gorgeous bittersweet - made me call my sisters!

Adam Zwar interviews the always interesting Dee Madigan. Along with Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales, a standing invitation is extended to Dee Madigan to come along to my bookclub whenever she wants.

Total cuteville! Winners of the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photographs Awards.

'I'd say, as a goal in life, you could do worse than try to be kinder'? which I found on the wonderful BrainPickings

Instagram husbands - so, so funny. I've shared it on Facebook but too many views are still not enough.

OK, this one is pretty rude, so don't bother if you don't like rude words ... lots of rude words -  you've been warned, an important message from comic sans.

And finally, moving from the base to the profound, some great research and an interesting program - How to be happy: A guide