Digital Magpie 8 September

How gorgeous have the sunrises been over the last couple of weeks - the transition from dark to daylight is rapid and breathtaking, making it super easy to do early morning walks right now. Here's what's been grabbing my attention over the last couple of weeks.

BBC has published its 21st's century's 100 greatest film -  I've seen 22. You?

Fascinating abandoned Japan

How long are you going to live? Better top up my super, I'm looking at 94!

I love the format of resume (but I'd omit the personal stuff)

Do you buy organic because of health/enviro reasons ... Science vs. challenges some of our popular (unscientific) perceptions

I had a rant about smart people doing stupid work

Love these insights into finding meaningful work so much ... I'll be referencing this article forever

This Sampler podcast was just so darn gorgeous, probably even more special if you have kids.

Enjoyed reading this article on the distinctions between optimism and resilience. Side Note: I wish the concept of developing resilience was around when I was in my early 20's (and I took it on board) - it would have saved me decades of workplace emoting! 

Personal development alert, but think this 100% commitment advice is excellent

Love this poem (and the podcast)

Oh, the relief! What's one thing you can let hold of this week?

For lifelong learners ... something for everyone in this great resource post

Regardless of age, being aware of how we learn matters!

Speaking of learning, a few days in but the very excellent Learning how to Learn MOOC which I couldn't recommend more (and wrote about here) started again this week - it's not too late to jump on board

Pretty, pretty, pretty

What happens when salaries are publicly transparent? A few years ago, and by accident, I learned a colleague performing a similar role to mine earned $50,000 more (and that doesn't touch on bonuses)! 


I found some of these items on Open Culture, Checks & Spots, Jocelyn K. Glei, Nubby Twiglet, Swiss Miss - check them out, each has lots of interesting.

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