Digital Magpie - July 2012

We don't know each other well, yet - but I am an unabashed digital magpie. I am constantly on the look out for online material that's curious and interesting, as well as creative, informative and entertaining. Here's some of the links that distracted me in July:

From The Atlantic, I love reading business/psychology mash ups and The 11 ways that consumers are hopeless at maths - explains why I might buy the lippy, when I can't afford the handbag.

And I'm a sucker for any article that weaves in Mark Twain's quote on courage, but 5 character trait that make you happy is a dollop of inspiration on a cold day.

I just find flashmobs happy making, and extra happy when they perform Beethoven.

If you are a little email dependent and need some guidelines to put a boundary between normal and obsessive, this flowchart might help.

The Happiness Project's Gretchen Rubin channels Bertrand Russell when she has difficulty working through a problem. I second the approach!

Free online courses from the world’s leading universities - this just makes me feel that the world is a beautiful place and technology used for the forces of good. 

A bedraggled David Tennant (or Dr Who or Barty Crouch) recites Shakespeare's Sonnett #18 in full Scottish brogue. This link is to an advertisement which I have no association with, but just like sharing the talent.

and finally, an inspiring, unsentimental British clip introducing the 2012 Paralympics, via one of my favourite podcasts, Slate's DoubleX Gabfest.