Digital Magpie

Happy Friday! This week I've been inspired by the role consistency plays in our lives, in helping build sustainable change, creating relationships, achieving goals. Sure, it's not nearly as exciting as the rush of a new decision, a whimsical commitment. Here's a bunch of interesting things I came across recently, reminding me of the value of delayed gratification.


Happiness is not a sugar hit - it's about achieving goals - People with a lot of self control are happier

Simon Christen's beautiful video 'Adrift' follows 2-years of early morning starts - his commitment extended to laying in wet grass for three hours, before heading off to work.

Here's another great building block on being present - How you do anything is how you do everything.

Are you inches away from getting started and can't make a leap - here's an inspiring invocationfrom Ze Frank. (Maybe don't play this without headphones if you're in a public office).

Tortoise beats hare - some wisdom in Slowly I turned ... Step by Step ... Inch by Inch

Image Credit: Scott Sandars