Digital Magpie

So many great things to distract me over the last month, here's a few of my favourites.

If you love travel, in particular travel to Europe, then Nightvision may just have been made for you.

If it's evidence you need to convince you on some of the steps that will make you feel happier, then check out 10 simple things you can do today that will make you happier, backed by science.

If you're ever wondering about 'kids today' this video via Explore is student Tim Blais' on Three Dimension Gravity - sounds intimidating? Not at all - accomanied by a very familiar tune it's genius and very, very fun!

Have you ever considered that there's a transition point between establishing and living a new habit, and the habit becoming part of your life? Here's a great article from Pick the Brain, 6 Signs that You Have Developed a Good Habit.

Too many of us undervalue or ignore what it is that we're good at, all the while  pushing s*it uphill trying to get better at something that we either don't like or haven't got a talent for. Oliver Burkeman spoke to me, maybe he'll speak to you as well.

Here's a great article on 'stuff' and how it clogs us up - if for no other reason, look out for the happy snap of Zen Meister Steve Jobs' desk. (btw, found this link on the excellent Swissmiss)

Do you find YouTube preview adverts annoying? This ad's been getting some great click action, check out why!

Here's some tough love advice on how to be successful -  my favourite - don't be afraid or embarressed of your failures (I particularly like that 'failures' is pluralised).

And while we're talking about all things science, here's another great video from those clever folk at asapSCIENCE talking about wierd ways to burn off 200 caolories.