A life well lived - Nino Di Marco

Anna Anikina via Unsplash

During the week, I heard an inspired interview with Nino Di Marco, CEO of the Royal Flying Doctors Service in Queensland. Nino has changed his career a number of times, extreme changes. He was a successful musician before becoming ... at 27 ... a bank teller.

He answers questions not just on his career path, but his role as CEO. He talks about his responsibility for  influencing the direction of the RFDS - with lots of emphasis on building sustainability into the organisation. To some extent, it's a textbook study into management, but I was particularly impressed to hear a CEO talk about the need to focus on leadership because 'fish rots from the head'. Refreshing!

Finally, he's lived well outside of the office. His involvement with his family, the community, his interests and passions. What I really loved hearing is that Nino's identity isn't totally defined by his job.

A great interview, I really recommend it to you. Thanks Richard Triggs | Arete for the opportunity to hear Nino's story.