What is Greed?

Previously I’ve mentioned how much I get out of teaching classroom ethics to kids at one of the local primary schools. One of the little lessons I got recently was from a 9 year old boy on the meaning of ‘greed’. He explained to us that greed is was what happens when you want something so badly, it becomes a need.

Hmmmm, so wise, so young, so scarey!

So this is what played out in my house last weekend. 

Me: My phone’s slowing down, I think I should get a new one.

Him: What do you mean, ‘slowing down’

Me: Oh, everything … it’s just getting slower, I think it’s just old and doesn’t have enough memory.

Him: So what are you thinking?

Me: I’m thinking an iPhone 6, because not only is it new and has lots of memory, it also takes great photos.

Him: Why are the photos important?

Me: Stop with the questions, I just need a new phone!

Apple’s latest campaign, focusing on the iPhone 6’s photographic capability had found it’s target market - me. Have you seen the advertisements? Stunning wilderness photography, demonstrating super sharp, incredible zoom. I’m in the throes of finalising plans for a big hike, and that new iPhone 6 looks like it takes better pictures than my fancy camera.

For the next two hours I gather information, compare specs and costs, getting ready to jump off the cliff and lock myself into a new contract for 2 years. When I'd found a solution, I rat-a-tatted the features and costs at my husband, who calmly (and wisely) agreed it all made sense, suggesting we sit on it for 24-hours. 

That was fine with me – I didn't need the phone straight away, it could wait a day or two.  Yet less than an hour later the itch had gone away and I'd lost interest.

That clever little student had totally nailed it – my want had become a need. But once the barrier was removed and I could get it, I lost interest.

Today, I walk past the bus stops fitted out with gorgeous iPhone photography. I admire the landscapes, but have zero desire to get a new phone.

I find this all a little bit curious.

Image from Death to the Stock which I've included simply to show some gorgeous natural photography. I think DTTS are great, and I seriously encourage everyone everyone to check out what their work and service (this is, btw, an unsponsored plug).