Launch of 2015 Sydney Festival

Lucky, lucky, lucky me! Gorgeous friend Catherine invited me to join her at the 2015 Sydney Festival launch at The Star, and what a wow of a night it was! A huge thanks also to Marita Supplee, Sydney Festival's Philanthropy Manager and winner of the 'best black frock of the night' award.

Annabel Crabb was the MC. Whilst practically everything Annabel says is great, best, best was reminding the audience how important (and lovely) it is to feel properly welcomed when we arrive at a place - and then introduced us to an Eora Aboriginal who made us feel properly (and emotionally) welcome.

Sydney's new governor, David Hurley, looked slightly overwhelmed by the razzle dazzle of the evening ... but the former military wheel has got to be very close to realising that come January, he has the best job in the country.

Festival Boss, Lieven Bertels, was like an arrow shot over our heads with a sparkler attached - barely drawing breath as he squeezed in detail after exciting detail about 45 festival events in less than 7 minutes.

Then the partying started - great food, plenty of champagne, silent disco, gorgeous deserts and coffee, hip DJ and performance artists - and lots of ABC celebrities! The Sydney Festival crew organised a fab night and the energy was so powerful that all the guests seemed excited and just a little bit special being there.

And of course the thing about going to such a pumped launch is finding yourself prepared to shell out thousands to experience the obscure and absurd. Here's a few of my faves.

I have a sentimental pull towards Disco Dome, an after dark tour of Parramatta's 1979-95 nightclubbing spots. In my formative years, I spent most Friday and Saturday nights at Westower Tavern - food hall by day ... smokin' hot disco by night - at a time when the last song was always by the Commodores or Bee Gees. 

More luck, I've got my hands on one of the precious few tickets to Far from Folsom at Parramatta Jail, where Tex Perkins will recreate Johnny Cash's most famous show. I saw Tex do Johnny at the Opera House a few years ago, and he was brilliant. This was my FOMO event and FOMO no more

Also Kiss and Cry ... I'm not sure what this one's about, but I'm a sucker for festival puppetry, particularly when fingers are the puppets not the strings pullers.

I'm also excited about The Night Dances, when Charlotte Rampling recites Sylvia Plath accompanied by a cellist playing Britten. Is it possible for the sum to top any of the individual parts? I'm going to find out.

I want to see everything at the Spiegeltent, spend hours at Hyde Park's festival village, watch the city lights from The Star's sky terrace - but deep down, I think I'd trade them all in for just one little go on the Waterfall Swing.

January, January I cannot wait!