Bullet Journal Update No1

An update on my bullet journal project.

If the purpose was to get organised, then it's working. Over the last 7-days I've assiduously maintained my little grey book with tasks and completions, and take it everywhere.

Along with tracking events, activities and tasks - I use it to centralise various projects as well as chronicle goals and ideas. I find the process of maintaining a convoluted structure interesting. 

I also get a bit excited using a book to capture (hyperbole warning) everything. There are of course dozens of established digital systems to streamline personal organisation (I've used plenty of them) but I'm just loving the return to pen and paper.

I use a moleskin paper covered note book with a grid layout (pack of 3 about $30). The size is perfect for me, though the cover's a bit flimsy and I'll need to do something about it. Whilst it's too early to talk about learnings, but it's been a good reminder that having a process to create a habit works for me.

It seems that bullet journals are a thing, and here's some more posts which I found interesting.

This note taking system turns you into an efficiency expert some of the comments are insightful

33 days later: an update on my use of the bullet journal method task tracking system which I liked because she's written about the process of discipline as well as about the style

Google + Community Page speaking of which, I still find G+ a bit intimidating, so have made a note in my bullet journal to learn more

Experiments with the bullet journal has some great ideas for visuals who like to work with colour.

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Making bullet journal my own has been written by someone who religiously followed the system, then enhanced it to make it their own. Particularly like the idea about a 'waiting on' page.