On 'Hybrid' Careers

Recently, Amanda shared some changes at One Degree HR, including my appointment as General Manager. This is a huge deal for me. I love my work at ODHR and it's a big learning opportunity.

Amanda also shared that the two of us manage hybrid careers. Telling clients that we have broader work interests than what they might expect felt courageous.  Of course, once you say these things out loud, it feels as natural as ... exhaling.

ODHR is Amanda’s baby. Over the last three years she has created, built and nurtured a successful boutique recruitment agency. Along with her professional interest in ‘Learning’, Amanda’s also a passionate advocate for diversity in the workplace, particularly women having equitable access to senior roles.  Recently, she’s done some work with Xplore, where she’s seen an opportunity to have a more direct impact on leadership diversity in Australia. On top of that, she’s also obtained formal qualifications to supplement her deep experience in the executive coaching space.

So what about my hybrid career? For more than 25 years, I’ve held a series of corporate roles in largely HR and Project related positions. Three years ago, I stepped outside for what I thought would be a little break, and didn’t return. 

Building my hybrid career has been more ‘clumsy, clunky’ than seamless … there were a few false starts, but I dug in and found my way – and now could not be more happy. On a daily basis I get to work with the people I love working with, doing the work I most love to do.

Along with GM responsibilities, my core reason for existence at ODHR is as a search and recruitment consultant. I’ve got expertise in the professional HR market; generalist and specialist roles across HR, OD, L&D, change and communication. You can find out more about my ODHR career here and contact me at tracey@onedegreehr.com

So what do I do here at Curious, Interested?

  1. I’m a HR consultant, and work with small businesses that depend on great employees, but don’t have the need for a dedicated HR manager. I consult in areas including policy, performance, job design, restructures, reviews and people management. I don’t recruit for these clients, but do act on their behalf to manage the process through agencies.
  2. I am a Coach:

    Career Management Coach: I help people with work related matters such as career plans, difficult conversations with the boss, preparing for performance review, interviews and salary negotiations.

    Conversation Coach: People often feel awkward building relationships and presenting ideas, especially at career transition points. I work with people to get more comfortable with their verbal communication in the workplace (eg clients, managers, colleagues, direct reports), including small talk.

    Specialist Coaching Referrals: Over many years I’ve  worked alongside exceptional coaching professionals and witnessed their ability to positively impact and transform lives. Throughout my career, I've gained deep experience matching people and coaches, based on the needs, personality, cost and geography. I don’t do this for free, however it’s a fixed one-off cost and I don’t accept commissions or inducements from coaches.

  3. I’m a Primary School Ethics Teacher, which I LOVE. Whilst the kids are always do my head in, their untainted, uncynical wisdom is my weekly reality check on what's real (and, most often, hilarious).
  4. Finally, I’m a blogger. I can’t contain all the things I find curious and interesting, so I post 2-3 times a week to share the ideas and experiences that grab me.

A hybrid career isn’t for everyone, but it totally suits me. I’ve found a way of working where I get to work the areas I most enjoy; where there’s constant crossover in what I do; and where I’m continuously challenged and encouraged to explore new perspectives.

Image from Death to the Stock