Digital Magpie 17 July

Me on the TMB

I am loving Caitlyn Jenner - I love what she says, and I love how she uses her profile to reach out and educate.

The very excellent Helen Garner writes on the Insults of Age.

On a lighter note, Kevin Bacon explains the 80's to the millennials

This post on the joy of being busy inspires me to want to crank things up!

6 types of motivation - 2&3 are me!

A repeat entry, but I consider it a civic duty to share the wonderfulness that is Chat 10, Looks 3 podcast.

We're doing some small home renovations, and I really like the look and practicality of pegboards.

'Now my purpose is simply to be a person' - great David Brooks article on living a happy, smaller life.

This beautiful letter to my 20year old self is pure kindness!

... and just in case you missed it, here's an interview I did with the incredibly fit Sue Nixon during the week.

Have a great weekend