Racism, Bigotry and Trolling ...

In the wake of people booing footballer Adam Goodes, I have a response to the bigoted shock jocks, opinion writers and former sporting 'champions' who defend the boo’ers and accuse Goodes of being a sook.

When talented women say they’re discriminated against in the workplace, I’m not interested in hearing from the men who suggest the situation will improve once women tone down their emotions.

When only one female politician is appointed to a government’s front bench, when the other 18 jobs go to men, I’m not interested in hearing from the leader who says, in essence, it reflects the lack of female talent.

When older people are unable to secure meaningful work – I'm not interested in hearing from a co-worker who says older people have nothing new to contribute and should just keep quiet or retire.

When a person is heckled in the street because they’re wearing religious appropriate clothes, I’m not interested in hearing from the commentator who empathises with the hecklers because they find the clothing 'confronting'.

When a gay man is too intimidated to reveal his sexuality to footballing team mates, I’m not interested in hearing from a knowing player who says to get on you’ve got to fit in.

When an elderly person complains they're not being listened to by their health professionals, I’m not interested in hearing the elderly person quietly accept that the busy doctor shouldn't have to explain, but they must be listened to.

Telling someone they belong in a zoo because of their race; or they’re past it because of their age; or they’re over-emotional because of their gender; or they’re a threat because of their sexuality; or they’re scary because their religion – is clearly wrong. And the bigots with a microphone who defend racists, misogynists, ageists, and sexists and then go on to make the victim feel even more marginalised, are trolls!


Postscript: I love the softening rhetoric and the rush of ‘leadership’ from Canberra after James Packer ‘called out’ the boo’ers as racists.

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